Release Notes

The changes made for each release of the gtag extension.

Below are all of the changes for each version of the gtag extension. You can see your installed version at the bottom of every gtag page (extension configuration or actions), as well as the Extensions tab in the Adobe Tags interface.

2.0.0 - Feb 6, 2024


  • Added the ability to run custom code prior to accounts being initialized. This is useful for setting consent management options.

1.1.5 - November 11, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with newer GA4 properties not sending a page view as expected.


  • Added the ability to pass in multiple conversion labels for an account within a single event.

1.1.4 - October 3, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with "Display Features" checkbox not properly saving a selected data element.

1.1.3 - September 26, 2022

Internal testing version

1.1.2 - September 1, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with "Allow Incoming" (Google Analytics cross domain tracking setting) checkbox not properly saving when unchecked.

  • Removed from being included in the configuration when no domains are configured in the extension.

NOTE: If you had previously depended on all domains getting the linker parameters (_ga and/or _gl) you will need to define your domains to add the parameters to. Read more about this feature over at Google's developer documentation.

  • Added additional error handling for accounts that were removed in the extension configuration, but not in the rule actions.


1.1.1 - September 13, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Removed references to _satellite.buildInfo.environment so you no longer get those pesky deprecation warnings in your browser's console.

1.1.0 - October 12, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the full options/settings object not being passed to page view calls. This was preventing some integrations to work properly.

New Features

  • Added "Integrations" to Google Analytics for easier Optimize setup.

  • Updated the the new accounts popup to allow for Google Analytics v4 (formerly App+Web) account IDs.

1.0.1 - May 14, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • You are no longer limited to just non-negative integers in event values - values can now be floats and will be converted as such. Some tools (GA) will only accept integers, so those values will be rounded.

  • If you attempt to pre-load the library multiple times, you'll now receive a notice in the console that you've already loaded the library. This was previously in place but was never executed.

1.0.0 - March 5, 2019

The initial release of the gtag extension!

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