Google Tag (gtag)

An Acronym built Adobe Launch extension that sends data to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and the Google Marketing Platform via Google Tag, or gtag.js.

This extension allows you to deploy Google's latest Google Tag, or gtag.js, library via Adobe Tags (formerly Adobe Launch). Gtag.js is Google's latest code base, which replaces older-style Google Analytics, Google Ads (AdWords), and the Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick Floodlight) implementations with one unified tagging framework.

Multiple accounts for each product can be configured, if desired. Almost every setting can leverage data elements, making your configuration completely dynamic.

Once you add and configure this extension, you need to set up actions within your rules for where you want to fire it! Gtag allows you to preload the library, send a page view, send an event, or set persistent values (typically, you'll want to set any persistent values before sending a page view or event).

Getting Started

To get started, find the "Google Global Site Tag (gtag)" extension within the Adobe Exchange, or within the Launch extension catalog:

After you've clicked the Install button, you'll need to configure the extension:


From there, you can set up your rules and actions to send data to your Google products:



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