Send a page view

This action lets you send a page view server call to Google — similar to what a browser load would send if the tag were directly on the page instead of in Launch.

Note: No page views are sent without a page view rule / action being created. Installing the extension alone will not be enough to send data to your Google products.

Enabling Accounts

You can choose which accounts should receive a page view call. When a new page view action is created, all accounts are enabled by default. Toggling the checkbox will allow you to prevent the page view from being sent to that account.

You can also use a data element to conditionally call a page view for an account. Your data element should return a boolean true or false to enable or disable the page view call. If a data element is used, the checkbox cannot be unchecked until the data element is removed.

Custom Data Fields

You can pass in custom data fields for this single page view. Any custom data fields that were previously set in the extension configuration or via set persistent values will be overwritten by the value passed in this action. Learn more about configuring e-commerce data in these fields.

For example, if you set the page_title to my default page title in the extension configuration, and then within the page view action pass the page_title to my awesome page, my awesome page would be sent with the page view call for this rule.

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