Google Ads

This section discusses how to migrate the Adobe-built Google Ads extension to the Acronym-built Google Site Tag (gtag) extension.

Extension Configuration

This extension does not have any extension configuration to migrate. However, since the Adobe-built Google Gtag extension is a required extension to make the Adobe-built Google Ads extension work properly, that extension should be migrated to ensure the Acronym-built Gtag is configured correctly.

Rule Actions

The Adobe-built extension only has one rule action to migrate: Track Conversion.

Track Conversion

The track conversion rule action sends conversion data to Google Ads.

The Track Conversion action is equivalent to the Send an event action the gtag extension provides. There are five fields that should be migrated over:

Conversion ID

The conversion ID is the same as the Account ID in the gtag extension (starts with AW- or DC-). If you haven't already done so for this conversion ID, create a new account in the gtag extension.

Conversion Label

The conversion label should be migrated to the new Acronym-built gtag action, under the Conversion Label field for the Ads account.

Conversion Value

The conversion value should be migrated to the Value field for the event action.

Currency Code & Order ID

Both currency code and order ID will need to be migrated as an event parameter in the event action. You should use the field names currency and transaction_id, respectively.

Note: If you're only using Google Ads for this rule, then you may need to add the event name, which wasn't previously required in the Track Conversion action. If you're using Google Analytics as well, then you likely already have an event name to use!


Below is an example of what a successful migration would look like for the Track Conversion action:

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